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    Yeah, they rule.

    The Swartz Ninja
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    Yeah, they rule. Empty Yeah, they rule.

    Post  The Swartz Ninja on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:50 pm

    Yeah, they rule. Sniper11 Yeah, they rule. Ninja_10Yeah, they rule. Glue_g10
    Yeah, they rule. Darts_10Yeah, they rule. Rof_fi10
    Yeah, they rule. Sm_rul10Yeah, they rule. Overcl10
    What do you guys think?

    Towers made:
    [s]Dart Monkey[/s] x/3
    [s]Tack Shooter[/s] 4/x
    [s]Sniper Monkey[/s] x/3
    [s]Boomerang Thrower[/s] 4/x
    [s]Ninja Monkey[/s] 4/x, x/4
    [s]Bomb Tower[/s] x/3
    [s]Ice Tower[/s] 4/x
    [s]Glue Gunner[/s] 2/x
    [s]Monkey Buccaneer[/s] x/4
    Monkey Ace
    [s]Supermonkey[/s]2/x, 4/x
    [s]Apprentice[/s] 4/x
    [S]Village[/S] x/3
    [s]Banana Farm[/s] 4/x
    [s]Mortar Tower[/s] 4/x
    [s]Dartling Gun[/s] x/3
    [s]Spike Factory[/s] 3/x
    [s]Engineer[/s] x/4
    [s]Bloon Chipper[/s] x/4

    Things I cannot do:
    Heli Pilot (I don't have BTD5M, and would be tricky too)

    Note: just because I have crossed something out does not mean you cannot suggest one! It just means I have already made one, and you should look for it.

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    The Ice Lord
    The Ice Lord

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    Yeah, they rule. Empty Re: Yeah, they rule.

    Post  xd55 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:28 pm

    Sweet avatars

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